Friday, July 25, 2014

sneak peek

you are getting a sneak peek of a picture i am thinking of using to promote a new item i am carrying at kibbles place. my dog nose it! is sun protection for your dog's nose, ears and other unprotected areas.

until we meet again my friends-

Thursday, July 24, 2014

backyard project complete

well, it took a few days but the heavy lifting is done and the decorating has begun. i still need to add a few more things like flower pots and an umbrella but i'm ok with sharing it at this stage. (plus my folks are anxious to see what we've been up to.)

"welcome to our renovation"

i didn't think to take a picture before this one but trust me, it was bad. it was just a dirt patch that was a catch-all for all the junk that ends up in a backyard. the dogs weren't even allowed up there because it was that bad. we had to add the picket fence a while back as a barrier and we blocked off the opening so they couldn't enter the "pit of despair".

all of hubby's work has turned our embarrassing landfill into this:

we have a little place to sit with a cup of coffee, because one always needs a place to have coffee.

"how do you take your coffee?"

aoife is already ready!

the left side's not done yet but i think it's a good place to show off my vintage trike. i still need to add some colorful pots and what-nots.

we've had this little deer forever and bailey has never paid it any attention. now all of a sudden she is intrigued by her.

as you can see it has NO shade, so adding some protection from our brutal california sun is top on our list.

thanks to my hubby for all his hard work. there wasn't any blood or tears but there was plenty of sweat laying that floor!

until we meet again my friends-

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

out of town

"the backyard project is done, but mommy's out of town today so we can't show it to you. (she's attending a trade show in las vegas and left me home with daddy.) i told her not to worry about todays blog; i'd take care of it and she can tell you about the backyard tomorrow."

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until we meet again my friends-

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

work zone

and the work continues. bailey has on her work clothes and is ready to get busy.

"let's do this!"

"work zone. ok, i'll be careful"

bailey is not in any danger here. she is not going rock climbing, she is taking inventory of the rocks to be sure we have enough. it looks a bit precarious in the picture but everything was stable. i would never let bailey venture into any type of danger.

at this point the floor is done. all the patio stones are down, the rocks that were piled in the back corner have been placed and all the pea pebbles are poured. hubby just has a little work to do in the back corner then it's time to decide how to stage it.

until we meet again my friends-

Monday, July 21, 2014

dig it

well our backyard project continued through the weekend. hubby is doing all the work himself but a couple of days ago he got a little "help" from our grand-doggie. whenever aoife sees soft dirt, or in this case leveling sand, she is always ready to lend a "helping" hand paw.

"do i have something on my face?"

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until we meet again my friends-

Friday, July 18, 2014

more supplies needed

we ran a little short on patio stones, so back to lowe's we go. i'm so glad they are so close to our home. we're there in less than 10 minutes. (we have a home depot less than 5 minutes away but i prefer lowe's. shh, don't tell home depot.)

since we were there, we picked up some pea pebbles that we'll use as filler around the border of the patio stones. we needed something that wouldn't bother the doggies when they walk on it. pea pebbles are smooth little rocks and a much better choice than mulch or lava rock.

"thanks for thinking about my delicate little footsies."

until we meet again my friends-

Thursday, July 17, 2014

never stop improving: part dos

we are revamping a corner of our yard from the ground up, so yesterday's visit to lowe's was for a load of patio stones. hubby went right to work on laying them, and of course, bailey was right by his side.

"you've been working really hard. i think it's time for a chihuahua break."

"you're doing a really good job, daddy."

until we meet again my friends-