Friday, November 28, 2014

bittersweet gotcha day

well this isn't exactly the blog post i had intended for today. it was supposed to be a celebration of the day we found little bailey. she came into our lives 4 years ago. now instead of celebrating her rescue, we are pacing the floor wondering where this journey will lead us.

the only time she can be left alone is when she's asleep in the playpen. and even then, we have to be right there because when she wakes up she tries to stand. tumbling around the playpen she could further injure her fragile skull, so we pick her up.

before her accident, she could sleep in our arms for hours on end, but now she gets antsy if we are sitting down, so we pace. it's the only thing that'll keep her somewhat calm but it's torture on our backs. she's only been out of icu for a week but it feels like a month. i can't wait till monday when we go back to the vet. he might have some words of wisdom on how to handle her anxiety, other than increasing her diazepam.

we had to cancel thanksgiving yesterday. bailey requires so much time and energy, there was no way i could have anyone here and prepare a meal. i just popped some chicken in the crock pot and that was our dinner. hopefully things will be better by christmas. fingers crossed.

until we meet again my friends-

Thursday, November 27, 2014

thanks blogville

the residents of blogville rock! y'all have rallied together with words of encouragement, love & support following bailey's accident. you've sent healing vibes, and POTP in spades. you have touched my heart more than words can express. bailey is far from being her old self, but i know she will have blogville cheering her on through every step of her recovery.

throwback thursday, circa 2012

thanks to murphy & stanley for hosting the thanks blogville! blog hop.

until we meet again my friends,
happy thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

don't play in the playpen

we bought bailey a playpen so she can have a safe place to stay when she isn't being held.

when she lifts her head, she looks like a little bobble head doll :(

yesterday's vet visit went well. he still wants her to remain calm. he offered her a treat and he was happy that she recognized it and ate it! he said we can add pancakes, waffles & yogurt to her diet. she can also have baby food, as long as onion is not on the list of ingredients of course. he's not too happy with her back legs being crossed so he said when we see that, just uncross them and that will remind her brain of their proper position. she is to continue on her medications and he wants to see her again next monday.

i don't want to sound like a broken record, but i must thank you again for keeping my little bailey in your thoughts and prayers. xoxo

until we meet again my friends-

Monday, November 24, 2014

she's home!

whew! what a weekend! the swelling in bailey's brain went down enough that she was able to be discharged friday evening. she was getting quite rambunctious in icu and she was getting to be a danger to herself. her back legs are strong-ish and she can push herself up; however her front legs can't hold her weight, so she falls. no bueno with head trauma. everyone felt it would be better for her to come home where she can get 24/7 care in surroundings that she recognizes.

the crack in her skull is much worse than the emergency hospital had let on. our vet, dr w, found that it goes clear across the top of her head. you can clearly see the crack where the little cursor is pointing. i don't know how in the world the emergency hospital could have missed that! especially since they are the ones that took this x-ray. i'm so glad i switched her care to dr w. he literally saved her life.

here is another image of her skull, taken by dr w, after a few of days in his icu. with the proper diagnosis, the correct medications can be administered, thus decreasing the swelling, which then allows the skull to begin process of fusing back together.

she is not currently mobile and has to be carried everywhere. her limbs move but she cannot coordinate them to walk or hold herself up. i feed her a liquid meal every 3 hours and her medications are spread out throughout the day.

i have her in a harness for three reasons. 1) she's cold. since i can't put clothes on over her head, the harness was the next best thing. 2) we hook a lanyard on to hold her up while she "walks" during her bathroom breaks. 3) it adds bulk to her tiny body which makes her easier to handle. when she's naked, she's just too small. she's like holding a tiny little baby bird.

we don't yet know the extent, if any, of brain damage. that is yet to be determined. we have a follow up visit with dr w this afternoon but she's eating well and she's done a couple of good poops, so i'm sure he'll be happy about that. praying for a good doctor visit and speedy, or at least smooth, recovery.

i can't thank you enough for keeping bailey in your thoughts and prayers. xoxo

thanks to alfie's blog, my brown newfies & snoopy's dog blog for hosting monday mischief blog hop.

until we meet again my friends-

Friday, November 21, 2014

a spark of light

yesterday's visit was drastically different than the day before. just look at her! look at her big eyes! look at her tongue, back in her mouth! omg, we were so happy to see her progress. she recognized me and was so excited that we came to visit. she actually got a little too excited and we had to cut our visit short because doc was afraid she would hurt her head. but i left her with her little pink blankie, that i wore under my shirt all day to get my scent on it. (thanks for the suggestion emma).

"can i go home now mommy?"

doc said the swelling in her brain isn't pressing on her eye anymore. now both pupils are the same size. and no more paddling! that was really tough to see. she is drinking water (with a syringe) and swallowing well. yay for bailey! keep up the good work baby girl.

i feel like i've been living in black and white and now all of a sudden i'm back to living color. i know she still has a looong road ahead of her. she is still in the icu. her brain is still swollen and it'll take months for her skull to mend itself, not to mention her cracked vertebra, but i do see a light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

thank you again for the outpouring of love and hope. every one of you are helping her heal. xoxo

until we meet again my friends-

Thursday, November 20, 2014

another day, another heartbreak

yesterday's visit left me devastated. i debated on even writing today's post but i have documented her life for almost 4 years and this is part of her life. this shot doesn't show her in a peaceful sleep like the past two posts. this one is raw and not very pretty. she did open her left eye while i was there. i hope she could see me and feel my touch and the love i have for her.

doc said she was more alert and responsive but i didn't see that while i was there. during my entire visit, she was non-stop paddling. it was heartbreaking. doc said when she gets agitated, she paddles. i hope my being there didn't upset her too much. her brain is still swollen and is putting pressure one of her eyes causing the pupil to become dilated. they are still running lots of tests, so again, all i can do is wait, and hope and pray for some good news.

thank you again for all your prayers and well wishes. the power of love and prayer is an unstoppable force. please keep it going for my little bailey. she is so small and so helpless.

until we meet again my friends-